Vintage Washing Powder Extensive Trade

Many factories in There are countries that are engaged in the production of various types of washing powder. All manufacturers are trying hard to offer the best quality types of washing powder at the most reasonable prices. After meeting the needs of domestic markets, this production group send types of best washing powder to other countries. In fact, this production group have been able to satisfy customers.

Vintage Washing Powder Extensive Trade

4 Common Types of Washing Powder for Use

4 Common Types of Washing Powder for Use Washing powder has a high cleaning power, which is why it is used more than other types of laundry detergents. The production and consumption of washing machine powders has increased significantly with the generalization of washing machines. Hygiene and cleanliness in public centers is one of the main things that should be considered, so the use of industrial washing powder in a number of centers is widely used. Among the uses of industrial washing powder in the following places:

Laundries, hospitals, factories, Hotels, Medical centers, Welfare, Nursing homes, restaurants, Employees’ clothes and sheets in public places, if not washed regularly or well, can be a major cause of transmission of contamination to themselves and others. These centers buy powder in bulk to make their purchases economical and high consumption. In some sensitive centers, clothes and other washable items need to be washed daily.

Laundry detergent is a strong alkaline detergent that was first produced in Germany in 1907. Previously, the only detergent was soap, but soap could not cure bacteria and fungi, and a stronger detergent was needed. So the detergent powder spread quickly. The composition of the powders improved over time, and features such as softening clothing and preserving the color of the fabric were added to the composition. Today, powder is one of the most widely used and important detergents that has a high cleaning power and quickly removes bacteria and stubborn stains from the fabric.

What Is The Best Powder for Washing?

What Is The Best Powder for Washing? The products of different companies have different chemical structures, enzymes, cleaning power and different aromas. Knowing the characteristics of different types of washing machine powders makes us choose the right washing machine powder so that the fibers and colors of the fabric and the washing machine detergent compartment are not damaged. Detergent powder is divided into three general categories in terms of application:

Washing machine powder for colored clothes: The chemical structure and cleaning power of this material is designed in such a way that while cleaning and removing stains, the color of the fabric is not damaged and its luster is not lost. It is better to use special and standard powders for washing colored clothes, because other powders either have a high cleaning power and destroy the color of the fabric and cause it to rot, or they have a weak washing power and the clothes do not clean well. In addition to using a special detergent, it prevents the clothes from staining each other.

Washing machine powder for white clothes: These materials have a high cleaning power and keep the fabric white and shiny. If you do not use special powder for washing white clothes, the color of the clothes will gradually become dull and dirty and will turn yellow. Powder for white clothes is marked with “white” in foreign brands and “for white clothes” in Iranian brands.

Washing powder for baby and children’s clothes: These detergents are odorless and enzyme and are designed for thin and vulnerable baby skin. This substance, while killing bacteria, protects the baby’s skin and does not cause allergies. These powders are labeled “for children” and are also recommended for skin patients.

Best Washing Powder for Sale

Best Washing Powder for Sale As mentioned, these factories produce the best washing powder. After production and packaging, the powders are sent to stores and centers throughout the city. Buyers can order their desired product by visiting these stores. As you know, most stores today have a sales site. Our site sells hand washing powder, dishwashing liquid, washing machine powder، dishwashing liquid and dishwashing liquid, whitening soap (in bulk and closed). Buyers can contact the sales consultant and order the product they want.

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