Paknam yekta dishwashing liquid products and types of detergents

The Paknam Yekta dishwashing liquid in a 4-liter bottle is one of the items types of detergent that the manufacturing firm sells the most, and the price is reasonable enough that consumers have the opportunity and the power to purchase this product.

At the same time, purchasing dishwashing liquid in quantities of four liters is more convenient for the user than purchasing dishwashing liquid in quantities of one liter.

Company introduction for the Yekta brand of dishwashing liquid

Before the American Revolution, in the year 1341, Snow Company began manufacturing its first detergent, a washing powder they called Tofan. This was the beginning of a long and illustrious history for the Snow Company.

Following the successful completion of the revolution, this firm changed its name from Snow to Pak Nam, and at this point, everyone is familiar with the Pak Nam collection under its new moniker. In the course of many years, this manufacturing facility has been able to attain a praiseworthy position in the area of production by depending on a great deal of effort and patience on its part.

The Yakta brand is only one of many brands that are made accessible to the general public thanks to the efforts of this particular firm.

Other products are produced by Yekta, the company that makes dishwashing liquid

The Pak Nam firm produces more than seven different brands of cleaning products; some of these brands provide a whole line of cleaning products, including the following:

Liquid for Washing Dishes

Washing liquid

Powder for shoes


Powder for both hand washing and machine cleaning


Although the famous Yekta brand name is the one that is almost universally recognized for Pak Nam goods, other brands also have a significant following among customers. Brands like:





Dishwashing liquid has its own distinctive qualities

Even though the Yekta dishwashing liquid has a high concentration and produces a lot of foam, it does not impede the dishes from draining rapidly while they are being washed. These are only some of the main characteristics of the product. It only takes a few drops of this one-of-a-kind dishwashing liquid to thoroughly clean a wide variety of dishes, and this is because the liquid has an excellent concentration and a strong fat-based cleaning strength.

Naturally, coconut derivatives are incorporated into the composition of this dishwashing liquid. This helps the liquid maintain its stability on the floor, which reduces the quantity of detergent that is required to effectively clean the dishes.

The total amount of weight possessed by all varieties of dishwashing liquid

When you go to the shop, you will be able to purchase one-of-a-kind dishwashing liquid in quantities of 750, 1000, or 3750 grams, as well as 4 liters. Your average monthly usage of dishwashing liquid will help you determine which of these three bottles is the most cost-effective purchase for you.

Of course, there are some people who make enough detergent for many months’ worth of use in their homes. In circumstances like these, it is imperative that you pay close attention to the date that is printed on the product’s packaging in order to ensure that you are able to make use of the item for the amount of time that you require.

Each each carton has a different quantity of dishwashing liquid.

The packaging of each individual carton affects the quantity of dishwashing liquid that is contained within it. There are few exceptions, but in general, the amount of items contained in each carton is the same across all businesses.

Each carton contains 12 pieces of 750 gram dishwashing liquid, 15 pieces of 1000 gram dishwashing liquid, and 4 pieces of 3750 gram dishwashing liquid in the containers that are sold by the Pak Nam firm. On the basis of this information, the total price of one carton is computed, and the purchaser is able to approximate the amount of the purchase.

Yekta dishwashing liquid is one of the best examples in the detergent market, which has achieved the maximum satisfaction of customers by having features such as shining the dish, suitable concentration, easy rinsing, and cleaning all kinds of fats; The price of Yecta dishwashing liquid is cheaper than many other brands, and because of this, it has a high sales rate throughout the country. Yekta dishwashing liquid is one of the best examples in the detergent market, which has achieved the maximum satisfaction

The Eyla dishwashing liquid factory creates goods that have excellent quality and a variety of features, which is beneficial for the company’s clientele; but, what exactly are the qualities that define a good dishwashing liquid?

The following is a list of the most significant aspects that should be taken into consideration when paying attention to the goods of a firm or producer of dishwashing liquid:

Powerful ability to remove oil from various surfaces

Concentration that is appropriate and efficiency in terms of cost

Powerful in order to generate foam

The appropriate aroma

pH levels that are neutral and do not irritate the skin.

Drainage that is simple and thorough cleaning both come included.

Compliance with these elements has been achieved at the Ekta dishwashing liquid plant by hiring experienced management and skilled employees. The end result is high-quality products that are given to clients in the market.

Dishwashing liquid made at the Yekta plant is offered to clients by the majority of reputable online retailers, which is evidence of both the product’s high quality and the large sales of the Yekta brand.

The fact that the products of this company can be purchased at a reasonable price and that the company is extremely active in both the physical and the digital spheres are both indications that there is a robust relationship between the factory officials and the customers and that the customers’ valid opinions are taken into account during the manufacturing of new products.

Dishwashing liquid with a distinctive lemon fragrance, one thousand grams

In most cases, the candidates are given 1,000 grams of dishwashing liquid that has been packaged in 4, 12, or 15 different cartons.

At this time, the dishwashing liquid is offered in three different scents: lemon, apple, and strawberry. The consumer has the option of selecting either the color or the smell that they want.

Dishwashing liquid, as you probably already know, may be used for a variety of purposes apart than simply washing dishes. Some of these additional applications are described in more detail below.

Dishwashing liquid is an effective stain remover that may be used on greasy stains that have been on clothing.

Dishwashing liquid may be used to clean the floor of the restrooms, as well as the kitchen and the parking lot.

A container of hot water, some dishwashing detergent, and a scrub brush are all you need to clean metal furniture.

Utilizing dishwashing liquid as a polishing agent for jewelry is another option.

Disinfecting produce with dish soap that also contains vinegar is a very effective method.

Dishwashing liquid may also be used to remove stains from surfaces like the carpet or the cabinet.

Customers of the Yekta detergent company, in addition to home buyers, are also major customers who need a large volume of this product, such as office centers, restaurants, and halls He specifically mentioned hotels and dining halls as examples of these types of customers. Dishwashing liquids that are purchased for home use are typically one kilogram in size.

The high consumption of the aforementioned centers may be satisfied by purchasing a large quantity of one-of-a-kind dishwashing liquid sold in 4-liter containers.

The Yekta dishwashing company provides consulting services in the fields of purchasing, ordering, or even listening to customers’ opinions through a variety of methods, including in-person, over the phone, or online. As a result, there are many ways for customers to purchase all types of dishwashing liquid from this company. has it.

Both the quantity of dishwashing liquid in each carton, which is measured in liters, and the fragrance of the liquids, which are measured in grams, are identical to those described in the part that came before this one.

This company’s success in domestic markets can be attributed, in part, to the high quality and excellent washing as well as the variety of volume and price options offered by Nikta dishwashing liquid. However, although domestic markets are important, markets in neighboring countries can also be considered to be good markets for Iranian goods.

Companies that are involved in the sale of dishwashing liquid from Iran to countries in the area, such as Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, are now generating a significant amount of revenue.

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