Ajax yellow dishwashing liquid vs dawn dish liquid soap

Although no one looks forward to it, dish liquid soap may be made easier by using the correct detergent. Here, I’ll explain the distinctions between Dawn vs Ajax, two of the most popular brands in the dishwashing industry, especially their yellow one. Find out how they do in comparison to one another in terms of cost, effectiveness, and other factors. If you’re looking for information before choosing between Dawn and Ajax, this article is for you.

Brief Synopsis of Dawn vs. Ajax

In case you’re short on time and need a concise breakdown of the fundamental distinctions between Dawn and Ajax, we’ve provided them here.

Comparatively, Dawn offers liquid dish soap in 13 fragrances in addition to foam and spray varieties, while Ajax offers liquid dish soap in six fragrances in addition to an all-purpose powder cleaner (used for cleaning bathrooms and hard surfaces, not for dishes).

Both Ajax and Dawn are effective dishwashing detergents, but Dawn is widely acknowledged as the industry standard. Good Housekeeping, the New York Times, Real Simple, and Reviewed all ranked Dawn as the best pick in their respective testing.

Although both Ajax and Dawn contain water, surfactants, solvents, stabilizers, colors, and scents, their precise compositions vary. Online, you may get a complete list of ingredients for both (see: Ajax.com and Dawn-Dish.com). Natural dishwashing liquids may be found under several brand names; some examples are Puracy and Seventh Generation.

Dish soap, in general, may be purchased for a low price. The cost per fluid ounce of Ajax typically falls below that of Dawn. Dawn, on the other hand, is more potent, and its sprays and foams disperse the soap more efficiently, so you don’t need to use as much.

To sum up, Ajax and Dawn are best-sellers for a reason: they actually work. Dish soap is cheap enough that you may afford to try both and determine which one works best for you.

Distributions of Products

Both Dawn and Ajax are known for their quality dishwashing detergent. In contrast to Dawn’s liquid, spray, and foam dish cleansers, Ajax provides multiple liquid dish soaps plus an all-purpose powder cleanser (not for dishes).

Consider the benefits of Ajax in further detail:

Ajax, a brand of liquid dish soap, provides customers with a choice of six distinct fragrances, each featuring a unique combination of cleaning chemicals. Orange (seen above), lemon, grapefruit, vinegar and lime, charcoal and citrus, and citrus berry splash are just a few of the aromas available. Bottle sizes range from 14 to 52 to 90 fluid ounces for various products.

If you want clean dishes, don’t use powder cleaner; instead, use Ajax liquid dish soap. This cleanser shouldn’t be used on plates despite having a lovely aroma (in comparison to other products that include bleach). However, it works wonderfully on a wide variety of cookware, flooring, grills, trash cans, and more. A damp sponge and a dusting of this can create a paste that can be applied on the object. First, you need to wash it, then rinse it, and last, dry it.

What about Dawn?

Dawn’s liquid dish soap comes in 13 different scents and varieties, including lemon essence, original (seen above), refreshing rain, pomegranate and rose, lavender, lavender wisp, green tea and honey, peach and almond, morning mist, apple blossom, orange, aloe water, and cherry blossom. Dawn dish soaps provide something for everyone, whether you have sensitive skin, prefer natural products, or need something with serious grease-cutting ability. It comes in a variety of bottle sizes, including 7, 16.2, 19.4, 24, 28, 40, 56, and 75 ounces.

Dish detergent foam: With only one pump of this affordable solution, you can clean an entire set of dishes. There is no need to even run water in a sink. Dishes may be cleaned with five times the grease-cutting power of Dawn Ultra Original simply by pumping the foam onto a damp sponge. Available in 10.1 ounce and refillable 30.9 ounce sizes, the foam has a “fresh rapids” aroma.

Dishwasher spray: Use spray dish soap to save time washing dishes. It cleans dishes five times quicker than Dawn’s liquid dish soaps. Dishes may be cleaned quickly and easily by spraying them with cleaner, letting them soak for a few minutes, wiping them clean, and then rinsing them in hot water. You may get it scented like fresh apples or citrus. It’s sold in a 16-ounce bottle with a matching refill for that size.

Dawn has a wider selection of products than Ajax, including a spray and foam soap in addition to its Platinum and Gentle formulations.

Energy for Cleaning

Dawn and Ajax are two of the most popular dishwashing detergents because they both do an excellent job of cleaning dishes. However, sales data shows that Dawn is the most popular dish soap in the United States.

Many studies and comparisons have been made in an effort to identify the most effective dishwashing liquid. I am interested in how well Dawn and Ajax fared in these evaluations.

Dawn Hand Renewal Dishwashing Liquid was voted the best for soft hands, and Good Housekeeping named Dawn Ultra Platinum Dish Soap the best dish soap overall. In this group of winners, Ajax came up empty.

Both Dawn Ultra Original Scent and Dawn Ultra Platinum Powerwash were recognized by Real Simple as the best-rated and best-new dish soaps, respectively. Product reviews, rather than objective testing, were the basis for these rankings.

Dawn Ultra Original Dishwashing Liquid came in second place in the New York Times’ annual dish soap competition. Similar in quality to their award-winning dish soap, it was penalized for being tested on animals and lacking a fragrance-free alternative.

Dawn Ultra Dish Soap was found to be the best in testing conducted by Reviewed. They liked how it smelled like fruit and how well it worked on stubborn stains. At number 13, Ajax Dish Soap was dead last. An overpowering lemon aroma and poor stain removal were cited as complaints.

Dawn Platinum Power Clean placed second on Your Best Digs’ list of the best dish washes, which included a total of fourteen different brands. Although it ranked thirteenth overall, Ajax was the greatest option for those trying to save money.

Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Soap was rated highest by The Spruce as the best low-cost dish soap. They praised its superb grease-cutting capability, its mildness, and the fact that just a little goes a long way.

When compared to Ajax, Dawn often receives more praise. Even while Ajax is still acknowledged, the underlying message is that Dawn is superior and does more with less soap.


Have you ever been curious in the science behind dishwashing soap? Well, from a chemical standpoint, soap is bipolar. Hydrophilic, or very fond of water, describes one of its ends. The other side is hydrophobic, or extremely water-averse. In this molecular setup, each part has a purpose. You may use one end to collect oil and grease, and the other to collect water.

What does this imply for the dishwashing process, then? One end of the soap molecule lifts the dirt from the pots and pans during rinsing, while the other end links to the water, resulting in the combined removal of the dirt, oil, and grime together with the water.

Here we’ll compare the components of Dawn and Ajax dishwashing liquids.

In case you have trouble reading the recipe, I’ve written it out in full below:


Lauropropyl sulfate, laureth sulfate, and C10-16 Alkyldime-thylamine Oxide: surfactants; they’re what actually do the cleaning and make it more effective.

The formula is held together by the solvents alcohol denat, PPG-26, and phenoxyethanol.

The recipe calls for sodium chloride, a salt used for thickening.

The sodium hydroxide in the recipe keeps the pH stable.

Pei-14, Pg-24/Ppg-16, and Pg-24 The cleaning agent copolymer is an additional boost.

To give anything a pleasant aroma, use fragrances.

The preservative methylisothiazo-linone is an alternative to formaldehyde.

There are blue, yellow, and red colorants that may be added to the product.

For mild dirt removal, try C9-11 Pareth-8, a cleaning agent.

Styrene/Acrylates Opacity is added by the copolymer.

Monosodium Glutamate Tetrahydrate To facilitate dirt washing, diacetate softens the water.

When used as a hand soap, the antibacterial ingredient chloroxylenol reduces the number of microorganisms on the skin.

In order to cut through grease more effectively, phenoxy-isopropanol is often used as a solvent.

The product is stabilized with glycerin, sodium cumene-sulfonate, propylene glycol, and terpineol.

Dawn Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid use essential oils instead of synthetic aromas and is manufactured with biodegradable cleaning components.

On its website, Ajax.com, Ajax discloses all of its products’ components.

Water: for uniformity’s sake.

A combination of ammonium laureth sulfate and lauryl amine oxide is a powerful cleaner and foaming agent.

SD Alcohol 3–A regulates viscosity and transparency.

Polioxamer 124 and sodium chloride are also used to regulate consistency.

Added fragrance makes a great smelling product.

Methylisothiazolinone A preservative called benziosothiazolinone.

Stability is preserved by adding pentasodium pentetate and sodium bisulfite.

Coloring agents; dyes.

Ajax guarantees that all of the citrus extracts in this bar of soap are natural.

What’s important to remember is that both brands employ a combination of water, surfactants, solvents, stabilizers, colors, and perfumes, but their precise formulae vary. You may get additional natural dishwashing liquids from companies like Puracy and Seventh Generation.


Dawn is typically more costly than Ajax when priced per fluid ounce.

The difference is that less Dawn is required since it is more effective.

There are cheaper and more expensive Dawn formulations available. Example: Dawn Platinum has four times the grease-cutting ability of regular Dawn, but costs somewhat more.

Dawn Platinum Spray is more expensive than regular Dawn due of its quantity control features. While the initial investment may be more, in the long run, you will save money and soap by using less.

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